Kent & Curwen Heritage

One of the founders of Kent & Curwen – Ms. Dorothy Curwen

Established in 1926

For nearly a century, Kent & Curwen has stood as a paragon of authentic British menswear, noted for its classic styling, superb materials and impeccable tailoring.


Londoners Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen, both veterans of the clothing trade, combined their talents to form Kent & Curwen. The brand initially carved a reputation as a purveyor of club, college and regimental ties, supplying such venerable institutions as Oxford and Cambridge universities. By the 1950s, Kent & Curwen had become one of the largest tie specialists in the United Kingdom, supplying to many other prestigious brands on Jermyn Street and Savile Row, then as now the world centre for elegant men’s clothing.


Kent & Curwen first produced the cricket jumper in 1932. Production was in the heart of the Surrey Countryside. The English game of cricket originated in the Home County of Surrey, where Kent & Curwen drew inspiration for its renowned knitwear.

In 1930’s, Kent & Curwen dressed the Hollywood Cricket team under the character actor Sir C. Aubrey Smith (wearing the striped blazer at the first row), who served as Umpire, and the legendary movie star Laurence Oliver (see the picture below).


By the 1950s, Kent & Curwen had become one of the UK’s largest tie specialists in the United Kingdom, supplying to many other prestigious brands on Jermyn Street and Savile Row, then as now the world centre for elegant men’s clothing. Today, Kent & Curwen boasts a world record of 29,000 silk club ties.

The introduction of club ties gave a completely new purpose to neckwear thus supplying a need to wear a badge. As a consequence, Kent & Curwen began to supply badges for venerable universities Oxford and Cambridge.


In 1960’s, for the first time in its history, Kent & Curwen began to associate itself with celebrity, musicians and sports stars including Mick Jagger and Michael Caine.


In the early 1970s, the company captured both Britain’s and America’s attention with the renewed interest in its cricket jumper and rugby shirts, successes which prompted the brand to boost its knitwear production. Kent & Curwen also secured the privilege of dressing the Australian Cricket Team, in addition to its existing duty as Official Uniform Supplier to the National English Cricket Team, a distinction it had already held for more than 20 years. At the turn of the decade, amid intensifying competition in the marketplace, Kent & Curwen made its own foray into fashion retailing, offering a vastly expanded product range while infusing it with an authentic British sensibility. The company’s distinctive trademark – which derives from the heraldic symbol of one of England’s most famous kings, Richard the Lionheart, since whose reign (1189 – 1199 AD) it has evolved to become the present-day Royal Arms of England – was also officially registered during this period.

For 20 years, Kent & Curwen was appointed as the official uniform supplier of the National English Cricket Team.


In the early 80s, Kent & Curwen was the costumes sponsor of the Oscar winning film “Chariots of Fire”. British style had gained popularity throughout America and Asia. In 1982, Kent & Curwen registered its brand trademark with iconic Three Lions logo.

By the early 1980s, Kent & Curwen had entered the retail market with the opening of a landmark store at 39 St. James’s Street, close to Piccadilly Circus.

Flagship store in St. James’s Street, London (Photo was taken in 1980s)


In February 2010, Kent & Curwen launched its new concept flagship store on No. 2, Piccadilly Arcade, Mayfair, London.


In December 2013, football legend Michael Owen appointed to be Kent & Curwen new Asia Pacific brand ambassador. Michael Owen also shot his first campaign shoot at his owned horse-racing yard, Manor House Stables and Peckforton Castle.

New expansion of Europe and US markets

Kent & Curwen is now licensed to British Heritage Brands, by owners Trinity Group. British Heritage Brands hold the license to design, produce and sell goods bearing the Kent & Curwen name in the Western Hemisphere. No.2 Savile Row, London was the first city to launch a flagship store. Afterwards, Kent & Curwen also launched a flagship store in Madison Avenue, New York.

Flagship store in No.2 Savile Row, London, United Kingdom opened in September, 2013

Flagship store in 816 Madison Avenue, New York opened in March, 2014


Kent & Curwen is a synonym for the finest quality menswear and accessories, leveraging its sporting heritage and distinguished past to deliver an extraordinary selection of business wear and casual wear. This is time-honoured British dressing with a modern slant, evidenced by superior fabrics, carefully cultivated silhouettes, charmingly spiced colour palettes and visually engaging design details.

About Kent & Curwen:

  • Kent & Curwen launched the latest flagship stores in No.2 Savile Row, London and Madison Avenue, New York.
  • Kent & Curwen has over 120 retail stores throughout London, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
  • Kent & Curwen, under Trinity International Brands Ltd, is one of the top high-end to luxury menswear retailer, majoring in Greater China. With the large menswear retail networks, the brands are able to located at the most advantaged locations in the world.
  • Kent & Curwen insists to use the most superior fabrics to maintain the quality of each pieces of clothing.