Paris Fashion House Cerruti announces a unique collaboration with Parsons Paris and The Woolmark Company. Under the guidance of Cerruti’s Creative Officer Jason Basmajian and his teams, Parsons students will develop a capsule collection that explores gender fluidity in contemporary keys. The Woolmark Company will offer students the opportunity to experiment with a selection of luxury fine wool fabrics. Students of the Fashion Design and Strategic Design & Management programs will design and market together free- spirited genderless looks, integrating both tailoring and casualwear in line with the Cerruti heritage.


Amalie Gassmann with Paris Parsons School of Design students and Jason Basmajian, Creative Director of Cerruti 1881


Cerruti Chief Creative Officer Jason Basmajian states, «This is an exciting and inspiring collaboration where everyone benefits. The students will gain real life industry experience working within a fashion house across design, merchandising, and marketing. They will be challenged to work in teams, communicate their ideas and channel their creativity into a tangible capsule collection on a relevant theme in today ’s changing industry. We are proud to partner with Parsons and thank The Woolmark Company for its generous support and commitment to emerging talent. »

International model, influencer and stylist Amalie Gassmann will provide inspiration to the students. Born in San Francisco, brought up in Paris and currently studying film in New York, Amalie is known for her keen style and sense of mixing menswear, streetwear and couture. Amalie will work with the Parsons teams on photographing, filming, and positioning their projects through social media. « I am honored and excited to be a part of this innovative collaboration and creative journey. »

For Leyla Neri, Director of Fashion Design and Strategic Design & Management programs at Parsons Paris - The New School, “Cerruti will provide our students the unprecedented chance to innovate while being trained in field conditions within a historical Maison. Five groups of international students will be immersed in the fascinating heritage of Cerruti and taken under the wing of Jason Basmajian and his high-level professional team for several weeks. They will have the privilege of using the best quality of wools in the world thanks to the extraordinary resources made available by The Woolmark Company. I would never have dreamed of seeing our students involved in such a life - changing experience.”


Franck Sagne, Coordinator of Strategic Design & Management Program, Parsons Paris

Alessandra Valensise, Studio Collection Director, Cerruti 1881

Jason Basmajian, Cerruti Creative Director, Cerruti 1881

Leyla Neri, Director of Fashion Design Program and Director of Strategic Design & Management Program, Parsons Paris

Damian Yee, Lecturer in Fashion Design, Parsons Paris


“We are required to perform under real working conditions following the exact progression and agenda of the brand. I feel that we are gaining relevant knowledge and experience as we are taken out of the context of a classroom. We have the amazing opportunity to be coached by Jason and his closest colleagues. This is certainly a unique experience for both fashion and management students.” 

Dylan Custodero, 3rd Year Student in Strategic Design and Management, Parsons Paris.


As the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company is committed to fostering the education of young designers. 

“This partnership with Cerruti and Parsons Paris is the ideal way to connect emerging design talent with a global fashion house who has a long- standing history with wool and the Woolmark brand,” explains Julie Davies, The Woolmark Company General Manager, Processing Innovation & Education Extension. “It is through partnerships such as these that we are able to educate young designers on the extraordinary benefits of Merino wool and encourage them to continue using this fibre throughout their careers. As a luxurious, technical fibre, wool is a natural fit for this design project, asking students to create gender-less outfits suited to Cerruti’s design aesthetics.”