• Initially specialising in weaving and creating new textures that have since become great classics, the House of Cerruti 1881 naturally developed a deft mastery of these natural fabrics (flannel, tweed, cashmere, wool cheesecloth), especially with its first range, which gained great popularity.
    The supreme excellence of Cerruti 1881 suit tailoring is based on a tradition of unique expertise, combining quality and sophistication, values for which the company has striven for over 40 years.
  • Cut, fabric, finish: the Cerruti style is revealed in the details of its garments, the little touches that make all the difference. The ultimate expression of this, Cerruti’s Made to Measure suit tailoring for men is the very embodiment of the values so dear to the company’s heart. By creating a unique wardrobe for its customers, Cerruti 1881 offers them the choice of a design that combines comfort, lasting wear and personality. Unhampered by constraints and conventions, a Cerruti 1881 suit is a pleasure to wear and accompanies the happy wearer’s every
  • movement like a second skin.
    This Made to Measure service reflects the company’s philosophy: personalisation and the attention to detail. In addition to a wide range of fabrics, it permits a tailored response to the specific needs of each client, from the finish through to the details. Each piece, tailored to the client’s measurements, is unique.
The Made to Measure service is available from the Cerruti 1881 boutique at 27 Rue Royale 75008 Paris and in selected boutiques in China.
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